Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LG Fashion Week- Chloe Comme Parris Debut!

The Style, The Glamour, The Media & most importantly... The Fashion.
During the week of October 15th-23rd LG Fashion Week was launched by the FDCC (Fashion Design Council of Canada) at the Exhibition Place; the place where designers launched their spring collection on the runways. As 50-75 people filled the seats in the Chloe Comme Parris Show the excitement in the room was at an all time high. Chloe & Parris Gordon were about to launch their spring collection and making their debut as new, hot and fresh designers on the scene.
As the show starts it has a backdrop of earthy tones set in a meadow with the colours of the clothing reflecting this as their blazers, dresses, pants, shoes, and cami's are all chosen in beiges, dark browns and camo greens to reflect the colours the show tries to portray.
With the clothes designed with an everyday modern look for the average women it becomes translatable and takes to the likes of everyone in the room. The models being an average size and not skin and bones also gave off a more "real" feel to the show. With each model that strutted down the runway they displayed attitude, excitement and overall comfort in the clothes.
As my friends and I sat front row we were able to take it all in and notice that all the clothing was designed with an idea in mind and a great amount of attention paid to the detailing on each of the designs.
The inspiration for the line was settlers in the 17 & 1800's- as reflected through the colours and the belts used to detail and add to the looks on each of the models.

Overall Chloe Comme Parris showcased their line for the first time at Toronto Fashion Week to a large, receptive crowd and won over many fans not only through their clothes and their show but through providing an example that the stick thin look isn't healthy.

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