Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Apple, Sage Moonblood, Pilot & Fifi Trixibelle...

Creative or downright bizarre celeb kid names?
When a celebrity announces they are pregnant the world and media goes on bump watch- making predictions as to what the celebrity is going to have and eagerly awaiting the announcement of the name they have chosen for their newborn.

Like many trends in Hollywood they are hugely popular and then fade away but one trend in Hollywood that seems to have staying power is the naming your child something unique and sometimes bizarre; one wonders if it meant to get the attention of people to get that extra media attention or is there a genuine love of the name?

A list below displays some of the more questionable and deemed weird names of Hollywood`s young:

Gwyneth Paltron & Chris Martin`s Daughter:

Sylvester Stallone:
Sage Moonblood

Jason Lee`s Son:
Pilot Inspecktor

Steven Spielberg’s Daughter:
Destry Allyn

Bono`s Daughter:
Memphis Eve

Nicholas Cage`s Son:
Kal-El (named after Superman)

So you decide are well known celebrities names for their children unique or just plain weird

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