Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Good Cause... All in the name of Fashion!

When Fashion meets Charity!  

Fashion can make people greedy and throw money at items that will go unused in two months. Money spent to look the part rather than use it towards a good cause. What happens when fashion meets a good cause?

Fashion is power. Fashion draws the likes of everyone who’s deemed “important” to runway shows and events- the perfect recipe for raising money and bringing awareness to a cause worthwhile.

Designers have begun to do just that- they’ve used their art and designs to draw the likes of famous and powerful people to their shows while all money is donated to a cause that is on display for the “big wigs” to take notice and a cause that is close to the designer’s heart.
With widespread media coverage, red carpet interviews, after parties and of course the show all while promoting the charity it can be the chance of a life time to successfully create awareness about a cause and present an interest to people who were unaware and make information about the charity and the cause more known. Eliminating inaccurate statistics and presumptions and giving a deeper look into whose being affected.
Some of the campaigns launched by designers are:
-H&M who hosts shows fight and aid in the research of AIDS
-Kohl’s launching a line to support women’s health in the fight against breast cancer (line designed by Vera Wang)
-New York & Co. hosted fashion show where all proceeds went to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
-Department store Nordstrom held fashion show to support the Children’s Dream Foundations
-San Diego Chargers teammates and Bloomingdales launched a fashion school where all proceeds go to after school programming for underprivileged children in the schools in the San Diego area.

The list goes on and on but a lot of time people are unaware of the good that fashion can do. Fashion is everywhere from the clothes that we wear, to the style of our house interior to the causes it helps.

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