Saturday, November 6, 2010

Style your career...

Style a client, Produce a show, Design your line.

Fashion is consumed by everyone regardless if you enjoy it and are interested in it,or simply feel you could care less about it. Fashion is everywhere; it can become a habit and a passion. Fashion helps to create and exude personality; it is constantly changing and rapidly exposing the creative arts and vivid minds of those who design lines. Clothing expresses certain looks you try to achieve, can create a personality for all who wear.

Fashion can take on so many other forms in regards to a career aside from designing a line- a career in fashion can be anything from designing and producing a runway show, styling a client or store windows, editing and writing for a magazine or daily column, PR for a fashion company or a fashion client, or it could be owning your own store, the possibilities are endless.

A career in fashion is very fast paced, disposable and constantly evolving. You need to have a passion, strong interest and creative mind in order to keep up in the industry. The fashion industry is filled with the most out spoken, forward and intimidating people one could ever encounter. From the likes of Anna Wintour to Kelly Coutron there is no time for sugar coating a topic, they are simply direct and often times extremely harsh. To make it in the industry you need to be able to have thick skin and take their comments and make changes and let them know that you're here for a reason and be able to deliver.

There are two major seasons in the fashion industry Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter where designers will launch runway shows in fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan, NYC and Toronto; all to gain attention and to stay alive in the design game. Each designer competes to wow the audience with their creative, eye catching and drool worthy designs and exotic and sometimes way out there shows that keeps people talking and your name on their lips.

As soon as these shows start they are over and the creation of their new lines are in progress, leaving very little time to reflect and relish on accomplished success. Often times working in this industry is filled with constant pressures and very little compliments but when those jobs are met with congratulations and recognition it makes it all worth the while.

Fashion takes on many forms from haute couture, emo, grunge or even your basic plain jane style there's a little something for everyone and something that interests all whether we like to believe or admit it.

Fashion isn't something that you learn to become, fashion is in everyone. Fashion to some becomes a big part of their life and for others becomes their whole life.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”- Coco Chanel

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