Wednesday, November 10, 2010

“Stand behind our troops for they stood and fought for you.”

WW1, WW2, Korean War, Pearl Harbour, Iraq

As we prepare to honour all the fallen and fighting soliders tomorrow we sit and are thankful and feel blessed for their service and sacrifice. Men and women are giving up years of their lives to perform the ultimate sacrifice for their country by serving in the military, army, navy, etc. so that you and I can go about our everyday lives safe and protected. Hero's when they leave, hero's while their there and a hero when they return but what happens after the spotlight fades and our veterans are forgotten? A deeply sad and pathetic statistic that exists among us. Our veterans serve, fight and protect then are release with no pension, no job to come home to and debt that accumulates as a result.

What can you do as a business owner or as a caring and concerned citizen of a community surrounded by businesses? You can help to promote and pass on via word of mouth about a company called Civiside.
Civiside is a home-grown initiative that implemented the Guaranteed Interview (GI) Program for Veterans, the GI Program ensures businesses that partner with Civiside will guarantee at least one interview to each military person that applies given they are qualified for the position; a free initiative for both businesses and veterans.
A way to give back to our veterans that incurs no cost and can make a change in their lives- an impact you may see as little or irrelavant but can mean the world to a veteran as they struggle to make that transition from military life to civilian life.
A chance to promote our services which is a free initiative and a great way to give back to our veterans for all their service and dedication. This is a service that is extremely beneficial to them because many people are unaware that 70%+ of military personnel retire without a pension- a very sad statistic given they put their life on the line to fight and serve their country and are forgotten when they come home, if they do at all.  The simple concept of this program is to help transition military personnel into civilian life as well as allowing them access to networking opportunities as many veterans networking circle consist of contacts within the military. Veterans usually have very limited contacts within the community outside their military based networks, this allows them the opportunity to branch out and build new relationships.  Helping to create awareness within communities and get businesses to partner with Civiside to be a part of the GI Program which is a great incentive for them as they are taking on Corporate Social Responsibility, giving back to our veterans all while incurring no cost to their business.

Remember our fallen, help those fighting!

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